Monday, 24 September 2012

How to Detect IP Address Conflict on Network

Each device connected to a network is assigned a unique IP address to identify it to the network. When one IP address is accidentally assigned to more than one device, an IP address conflict occurs. If your computer is using an IP address that is conflicting with another device, you will get a pop-up error telling you that the system has detected a conflict. To find out where the conflicting device is, check the system log for your computer and look up the conflicting device's MAC address by using the IPconfig command.

Find Which Device or User trying to Conflict your Network IP Address

The way to understand, the IP Conflicts.
  • Access the Control Panel through the Start Button or you can reach with command prompt (Go to the "Run" and type "control" and press enter)
  • Select the "Administrative Tools" on List
  • Again select the "Event Viewer" 
  • Select the "System" Option in Event Viewer (Local)
  • You find the "Red" Error in Source "Tcpcip" double click that one. 
  • Now read the description you will find the IP address which is conflict and the Source Mac Address also you will find, Which Hardware try to conflict you IP Address. 
  • After get the Mac address download the IPScanner and search the Mac address.
  • If you find the Mac address then this user or device try to conflict you IP Address. 


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