Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Computer Will Not Work With WPA2 Security

Computer\Laptop is Not Allowing to Connect WAP2 Wireless Security Network

WPA2 security is one of the highest-security options available for wireless networks. It is designed with longer encryption keys to make it more difficult for hackers to break into the network. If you are unable to connect to a WPA2-enabled wireless Internet network, the problem may lie with your computer hardware or the Internet service itself.

Wireless Settings 

If your computer is not allowing you to connect to a network with WPA2 security, your wireless settings may be the problem. Because most computers hide the passwords for a wireless login, double-check the password, paying attention to case and characters. Ensure that WPA2 security is selected from the drop-down box. If you choose the wrong security type, your computer will not be able to connect to the router.

Wireless Card

Computers that came with built-in wireless networking capabilities usually support most types of security. If you modified your computer by adding a wireless adapter and you cannot connect to a WPA2 network, the card may be the problem. Some older wireless cards are not able to support WPA2 security. In this case, you will need to replace the wireless adapter with one that is designed to support newer security protocol.

Drivers and Firmware

If your wireless adapter drivers or router firmware is out of date, it can hinder the computer's ability to connect to a WPA2 network. The most recent drivers will be available for download on the manufacturers' websites. Updating your computer's software can also enable it to communicate with the wireless adapter. On a PC, choose Windows Update from the Start menu. On a Mac, choose Software Update from the Apple menu.

Wireless Utility

For computers running Windows, the wireless utility controls how you connect to the Internet. If your wireless utility is outdated or corrupt, it can cause trouble connecting to a network. In Windows XP, for example, problems connecting to WPA2 networks are known issues. The wireless capabilities come with service pack updates; to find the most recent updates, visit the Microsoft Download Center.


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