Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Free Five Faster FTP Clients

If you work corporate or open internet environment you should be require the FTP server to secure your data, first of all we should know "What is FTP Server ? " and why we've require to implement it.

What is FTP Server ?

FTP stands for "file transfer protocol." FTP powers one of the fundamental Internet functions and is the prescribed method for the transfer of files between computers. It is also the easiest and most secure way to exchange files over the Internet

Why is require for business environment ?

Setting up an FTP server becomes necessary for businesses that manage their own network and need to establish a file transfer connection to facilitate the exchange of documents between company employees. It is also needed by web hosting companies that empower their clients to upload websites to the hosting servers they are managing. Also, the installation of an FTP server application is a good solution if you're a person who needs to share a large number of files over the Internet.

Where we get FTP Client 

Most computer operating systems already come with an FTP client; however, it is not user-friendly.  Start up a command prompt window, type "ftp" and then press “enter.”  Chances are you will be greeted by an "ftp>" prompt. Unless you are well-versed with using command lines and enjoy typing, there are much easier ways to FTP.

FTP Explorer is an FTP client application.  It is designed to make FTP simple and hassle-free. Most people agree it is much easier to use than a command line FTP client. 
  or and access from anywhere or modify do your date you need FTP client 

FTP stands for "file transfer protocol." FTP powers one of the fundamental Internet functions and is the prescribed method for the transfer of files between computers. It is also the easiest and most secure way to exchange files over the Internet

Five Best FTP Clients

WinSCP (Windows)

WinSCP, Windows Secure Copy, is a free, open-source FTP client. Supporting both SFTP and SCP protocols (upshot: secure transfers), WinSCP is fast and lightweight while still supporting advanced features like remote text editing. When you open a plain text file, WinSCP can open the file in your text editor of choice. Every time you save the file, it transparently saves and uploads the changes to the remote server. Added bonus: a portable version is available. WinSCP's synchronized browsing feature is also worth a look.

Transmit (Mac OS X)

Transmit is a shareware ($30) FTP client packed to the brim with innovative features. It covers all of the usual suspects, including remote file editing and folder sync, and it's also got tons of Mac-centric features like a Dashboard widget, .Mac syncing of your favorites (bookmarked FTP servers), and droplets for quick drag-and-drop uploading to favorite locations, inline previews, and Automat or support. Transmit can even do server-to-server transfers from one server's tab to another's. Despite its $30 price tag, Transmit has even got some Windows users version

FireFTP (All Platforms with Firefox)

FireFTP is a Firefox extension that integrates a powerful FTP client directly into our favorite browser. FireFTP isn't the most feature-rich client of the bunch, but if all you need is a simple FTP client for the occasional upload or download, FireFTP is more than up for the job. Even better: You don't have to install a separate program for FTP, since it all runs from the warm and fuzzy comfort of the 'fox. If you're running Portable on your thumb drive, you can take FireFTP with you wherever you go.P

FileZilla (All Platforms)

FileZilla is a free, open-source FTP client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Due to its price tag (or lack thereof), cross-platform support, and ease of use, FileZilla is a go-to option for many users new to FTP. Users stick around because FileZilla is a fast, full-featured (it also has remote file editing), and reliable FTP client in constant development. There's even a portable version you can toss on your thumb drive to use FileZilla on the go. Finally, if you're a Windows user you can even use FileZilla to build your own home FTP server.

Cyberduck (Mac OS X)

Cyberduck is a free, open-source FTP client for Mac OS X with support for most of the usual suspects in transfer protocols in addition to WebDAV and Amazon S3. It also supports Quick Look, Growl, and remote editing with your text editor of choice. Mac users who aren't happy with FileZilla and don't want to shell out any cash for Transmit can flock to the duck for full-featured FTP and then some.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to test Internet Speed through Command Prompt

Anybody who wants to test their connection speed can easily do so from a speed test web site — but that isn’t very geeky. Here’s how to do a test from the terminal prompt instead.

(Note: If you are using Windows, you’ll want to either have Cygwin installed, or have a copy of curl or wget installed. On the Mac you can use curl, but if you prefer wget, you’ll need to install that.)

Testing Internet Connection Speed with Curl

This is pretty simple. Just copy and paste the following command:

curl -o /dev/null http://speedtest.sea01.softlayer.com/downloads/test100.zip

The first thing to point out is that we’re using a test file from Softlayer, but if your connection is really fast, you might want to use a larger file from Thinkbroadband to properly test. Secondly, that -o switch is the lower case form of the letter O. It’s not a zero, and if you omit it, your terminal will turn into crazyville since curl will try to output to the screen — it’s also important because we’re outputting the file to /dev/null, which means it’ll basically be automatically deleted.

Testing Internet Connection Speed with Wget

If you prefer using wget, or that is what you have installed, the switch is the same. That is a capital letter “o” and it sends the output straight to null, so you don’t have any files to delete.

wget -O /dev/null http://speedtest.sea01.softlayer.com/downloads/test100.zip

This file is only 100 MB, so if you have a really fast connection, this isn’t going to work very well, and you’ll want to find a bigger file to download from the site linked above.