Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What is a DMZ ?

In computer networking, DMZ is a firewall configuration for securing local area networks (LANs).
In a DMZ configuration, most computers on the LAN run behind a firewall connected to a public network like the Internet. One or more computers also run outside the firewall, in the DMZ. Those computers on the outside intercept traffic and broker requests for the rest of the LAN, adding an extra layer of protection for computers behind the firewall.
Traditional DMZs allow computers behind the firewall to initiate requests outbound to the DMZ. Computers in the DMZ in turn respond, forward or re-issue requests out to the Internet or other public network, as proxy servers do. (Many DMZ implementations, in fact, simply utilize a proxy server or servers as the computers within the DMZ.) The LAN firewall, though, prevents computers in the DMZ from initiating inbound requests.
DMZ is a commonly-touted feature of home broadband routers. However, in most instances these features are not true DMZs. Broadband routers often implement a DMZ simply through additional firewall rules, meaning that incoming requests reach the firewall directly. In a true DMZ, incoming requests must first pass through a DMZ computer before reaching the firewall.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dropping Internet Connection in Linksys Router (WAG160N)

Last couple of month we are facing the problem of frequently dropping internet connection, and after the reset internet line from ISP we don’t get any change of situation, I asked to the ISP help desk but they doesn’t successfully resolve the issues.

Dropping connectivity is not good impact to business as well users, and after lots of goggling finally i got the solution of  dropping connection, I try to degrade the my Linksys Router (WAG160N), and its un-believable after degrade my problem is resolve. Now Internet connection is working perfectly and no more dropping .

So if you are also getting the problem of dropping Internet connection then try to degrade the router firmware.