Friday, 29 April 2016

How to Configure Wi-Fi Access Point (Linksys)

Linksys Access Point : -When you planning to buy the Linksys access point for extend your existing wireless network, probably you have to know about how configure this device. may be other network devices you know the how to configure the IP address but there  there is no DHCP server, its mean when you connect in your PC it will not generated IP because its don't have any default IP address, therefore we can show you how to configure you Linksys Access Point step by step...

  • In your existing Router you should enable the DHCP Server.
  • You need to connect it in your existing switch (Cisco, Dlink .etc) and plug in power of access point.
  • Download the IP scanner and install in your PC.
  • Check your computer IP address, it should be on DHCP enable.
  • Now start the IP scanner and you will find the Linksys Access point in the list, its mean the your Access control adopted the IP address. 
  •  Now go to the Internet explorer and put the Access point unique IP address in address bar.
  • And you can configure it which desire IP you need to configure on Access point.